Living Your True Spirit (TM)

7 Steps for Navigating Your Life through the Brilliance of Your Light 

to Help Uplift You & the World (TM)

12-Week Program starting Jan. 13, 2021

with Roslyn Elena McGrath, Empowering LIghtworks, LLC

* Do you have (or would you like to have) a BIGGER DREAM for your life or for life on Earth than you’re experiencing now?

* Is your spiritual path ESSENTIAL to you, yet you find it difficult  to hold your center and high vibration strong sometimes in the face of others’ negativity, planetary challenges, or your daily grind?

* Do you yearn to make a powerfully POSITIVE IMPACT in the world but are unsure of how to fully plug in your gifts and purpose, or perhaps even of what you're truly designed to do?

* Does a niggling voice of doubt or self-judgment HOLD YOU BACK at times so that you swallow your feelings rather than share them with family, friends, partner, co-workers, or don’t do, discuss, or direct funds to what matters to you most?

In Living Your True Spirit, you’ll be assisted to:

Ø Discover more of your AUTHENTIC DREAM for your life.

Ø Hold your center and high vibe strong more CONSISTENTLY.

Ø Clarify and share more of your innate GIFTS & PURPOSE, and take steps to continue growing this.

Ø Find your own REAL VOICE, and begin expressing yourself more fully at home, work, with family, friends, associates, loved ones, and spend more of your time doing what really matters to you.

    You'll benefit through the following 7 Steps for Navigating   
    Your Life through Your Light (TM):

    * Developing Your Past/Present Future Vision

    * Becoming Your Own Inner Guidance Expert

    * Eliminating Obstacles Clouding Your Way

    * Tapping Into Your Illuminating Support System

    * Benefitting from Your Chakras' Rainbow Light

    * Uncovering Your Higher Self Connection & Direction

    * Navigating Aspects of Self & Your Ongoing Present


Working with Roslyn is being inside a blessing. Her numerous gifts are offered in pure heartfelt delight, the essence of her joyful being transmitting love, possibilities, comfort, wisdom, and guidance. I am awed by her ability to move so gracefully through different levels of consciousness with such extraordinary clarity and precision. Give yourself the precious gift of working with her and your life will be filled with Grace.

Kate Rose


Something really big and major shifted. . .I just feel so much lighter and joyful! Thank you for sharing your gift!


Each time I work with Roslyn, I know I am in for an expansion of my current consciousness. 

Cynthia W.


Before my work with Roslyn, I doubted myself constantly, would have a "scatter" brain a lot of the time, and cried a lot because I felt like I was taking the wrong path, doing the wrong thing. 

Now I have a sureness that I haven't experienced before, and a calm before I jump to the next project. I’m not feeling I’m inadequate because I didn’t get it right the first time. I’m being nicer to myself, and not feeling like I’m unworthy nearly as often. I’m recognizing my triggers and letting go of them….

This work helped me channel my energy to be centered and more in the now with myself. It's so wonderful to know that you are loved just the way you are.”



Roslyn’s helped bring me to the core of my being and realign me with my deepest inner truths. 



This is the deepest I’ve ever gone into myself, to feel myself incorporated in me...  it’s changing my whole life in every aspect.

This is the clearest I have ever felt in my life. You have empowered all of us. Thank you for your teachings!


There was so much clearing of past and present pain. I feel so much lighter! I have more room for joy and working on my passion. I wouldn’t be where I am now without your help and guidance. Thank You!

Lucy LaFaive


Roslyn has helped facilitate significant growth and change in my life. It is a joy to work with her! 



Who Living Your True Spirit is for: 

Who Living Your True Spirit is not for: 

* Women spiritual seekers who choose to become more response-able to lead their life through their Light.

* Women, whether newer to spiritual and holistic technologies or "veterans," who are open to learning new ways of handling old challenges.

* Women who are willing to share self-chosen portions of their experiences with and be supportive of other women on the spiritual path.

* Women who are willing & able to devote approximately two hrs./week to this program, weekly assignment included (+ 2 - 3 additional hrs./mo. for Level 2 participants, 4 - 5 hrs./mo. with 1:1 sessions included, for Level 3 participants).

* Women who are generally stable physically, mentally, emotionally & financially overall such that they are able to focus on the content of the program.

* Women who are looking for others to resolve their challenges for them.

* Women, whether newer to spiritual and holistic technologies or "veterans," who are not open to learning new ways of handling old challenges.

* Women who are unwilling to share self-chosen portions of their experiences with and be supportive of other women on the spiritual path.

* Women who are unwilling or unable to devote approximately two hrs./week to this program, weekly assignment included (+ 2 - 3 additional hrs./mo. for Level 2 participants, 4 - 5 hrs./mo.  with 1:1 sessions included, for Level 3 participants).

* Women who are not stable enough physically, mentally, emotionally & financially to be able to focus on the content of the program at this time.

About Me

Unknowingly absorbing our society’s focus on logic over intuition, being “realistic” (read “limited thinking and beliefs”) over having vision, attending to others’ opinions and feelings over one’s own inner compass, and to physical reality over the emotional and spiritual, eventually led to my being sick long enough to feel impelled to find new ways of regaining my health.

I had to learn to honor my feelings, let go of ideas, and energies that blocked my joy, reconnect with my spirit, and follow my inner compass. 

I’ve since created a life that reflects my deepest values more and more clearly. I’ve discovered and implemented talents and skills I hadn’t known I had, and honored and expanded my use of those I’d already been aware of in ways that allow me to deeply support others.

I wholeheartedly believe the answers to all our world’s challenges will come out of our knowing and living the magnificence of our true selves. And it is my great joy and honor to support you in doing so.

Regardless of how difficult or minor your challenges may seem to you now, I'm confident a more empowered, fulfilling life is possible for you too.

In Living Your True Spirit: 7 Steps for Navigating Your Life through Your Light to Help Uplift You & the World, you will receive:

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

7 LIVE Online Classes full of clear, accessible info & powerful vibrational exercises to help you learn each step for living a more authentic, purpose-filled, spiritually empowered life.



5 LIVE Online Q&A Meetings to receive answers to your questions & benefit from discussion & connection with an incredible group of like-minded women passionate about living as their real selves & making their own unique difference in the world..



6 Seeds for Living Your True Spirit Downloadable Video



BONUS: 1-Year Anniversary Online Celebration of your milestones with your True Spirit cohorts to anchor your achievements, support your amazing peers & bask in your connection with the True Spirit community!



Lifetime Access to 17 (Level 2 or 3) or 13 (Level 1) Video Replays so you can review & reinforce all parts of this program at any time.



7 Assignments + Worksheets & Checklists to help you implement what you’ve learned



Private Online Group for ongoing support & to stay connected with the awesome members of the True Spirit Program community.



3 Monthly Online Self-Empowerment Workshops to help you deepen insights, skills, and vibrational support for the real you & your profound purpose. (Level 2 & 3 only)

* Amplifying Your Intuitive Gifts 

* Gaining Goddess Guidance

* Activating Your Soul’s Presence  



BONUS: Additional Online Self-Empowerment Workshop, 7 months after the program's start, customized to assist the group's needs with further vibrational support and skills. (Level 2 & 3 only)



Your True Spirit Empowerment Pack to help you continue to expand your spiritual skills & insights for moving along your authentic path with more clarity, empowerment & Grace. (Level 2 & 3 only)

· Guide to Your Intuitive Gifts pdf

· Goddess Heart Rising book

· Goddess Heart Rising card set

· Strengthen Your Light Centers video series

· Strengthen Your Light Centers e-workbook

· Accelerate Your Evolution with the Archangels video



Your True Spirit PREMIUM Empowerment Pack - All items listed in the Empowerment Pack above plus the following to help you grow your mastery of these quantum methods for living as the true, empowered, purpose-filled you. (Level 3 only)

· Chakras Alive! book & meditation series

· Moving Your Chakras Alive! video

· Strengthen Your Light Centers hard-copy workbook

· Goddess Heart Dancing book

· Goddess Heart Dancing card set

· Laminated Guide to Your Intuitive Gifts

· Circuitry Alignment e-book



7 Private 1:1 Remote Sessions - Customized support on alternating weeks throughout the program to further help you live your essence & use your newfound skills to navigate challenges to & expand on opportunities for being the full, purpose-filled, empowered you at home, work & play.  (Level 3 only)



BONUS: 3 Additional Private 1:1 Remote Sessions over the 9 months following the program to help further deepen & accelerate your authentic, purpose-full, self-empowered evolution. (Level 3 only)



Pay-in Full Investment





*Additional Discount Available for a Limited # of Beta Testers for this program ONLY!

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