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Flourish Your Purpose Center ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP

with Roslyn Elena McGrath

  • 12 One-to-One Private Sessions by phone or Zoom or in person, 1.5 hrs. average. May include:

Limiting Belief Re-Wiring, Issue Clearing &/or Trauma-Informed Art Therapy so you can move forward without internal conflict or self-sabotage & are primed for prosperity.

Soul Integration Series (Soul Body Fusion (R), Circuitry Alignment & Akashic/Soul Records Reading) so your deepest, truest voice inspires you to take more confident, balanced, fulfilling action & your clear vibration draws what best suits you into your life,

PLUS, up to THREE Light Activation Bodywork sessions to harmonize & align your physical, mental & emotional bodies with your Soul's expansive Light.

Re-Wiring Your Story to shift the neurology behind a specific trigger so you can create a more supportive, expansive new story of your life and world

Energy Field Healing as needed (i.e. LaHo-Chi, Archangel Light, Reiki, &/or Healing Touch) so your life force is eve more vibrant & you feel more harmony & ease being you in the physical world

Intuitive Counseling &/or Chakra Reading so you can raise your vibrational ceiling to the level of self-love crucial to thriving you & your purpose.

Channeling of Your Spiritual Team so you can more confidently & effectively share your true gifts.

  • Field of Grace ongoing inclusion throughout your membership

  • FREE Priority Scheduling

  • BONUS 1: FREE Chakras Alive! Exploring & Expanding Your Inner Rainbow Set - Book, Meditation Series & Chakra Activation Print by Roslyn Elena McGrath

  • BONUS 2: FREE Developing Your Inner Map video to bring forth guidance for your journey from your inner wisdom

  • BONUS 3: ELEVEN FREE Monthly Email Check-ins for ongoing support

  • BONUS 4: FREE Self-Assessment & Integration Check-In for additional support

  • BONUS 5: FREE Downloadable Archangelic Activation Video for high-vibrational support accessible 24/7

  • BONUS 6: FREE Downloadable Meditation chosen specially for you

  • BONUS 7: $25 Off any Empowering Lightworks Training within 12 months after completion of your package to further support your purpose!

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