Amplify Your Energy Intelligence

Illuminate Your Power & Potential through the Wisdom of Your 9 Main Chakras  

LIVE Webinar

Saturday, Feb. 13, 2020, 1 pm Eastern

with Roslyn Elena McGrath of Empowering Lightworks, LLC


  • Do you have (or would you like to have) a BIGGER DREAM for your life or for life on Earth than you’re experiencing now?

  • Is your spiritual path ESSENTIAL to you, yet you find it difficult at times to hold your center and high vibration strong in the face of others’ negativity, planetary challenges, or your daily grind?

  • Does a niggling voice of doubt, self-judgment, or even old habits HOLD YOU BACK at times so that you swallow your feelings rather than share them with family, friends, partner, co-workers, or don’t do, discuss, or direct funds to what matters to you most? 

  • Are you BLOCKED by time, money, other people's (or your own) expectations and values to the point where it seems you can’t have the balance you crave, fully live your dreams, or really be you?

Your energy centers are intimately involved in every part of your life and hold key wisdom for you. 

REGISTER NOW for this special webinar if you yearn to:

Live a bigger dream for your life than you’re experiencing now.


Stay centered, and keep your vibration up despite others' negativity, planetary challenges, and your daily grind.

Develop the clarity, confidence, and self-acceptance that helps you express yourself more fully at home, work, with family, friends, associates, loved ones, and do what matters to you most.

Clear internal and external blocks that have held you back from the balance you seek, and fully living your dream as the real you.

This webinar is for all levels, energy field novices to experts. Together, we'll explore the potential of your 9 main energy centers' support, including some forms particular to you at this time.

You'll also receive a chance to win a FREE Chakra Mini Reading held during the workshop!


I found the Amplify Your Energy Intelligence webinar to be very transformational. I started off in a very low vibrational stress mode and ended on a much higher frequency! As soon as the guided meditation started, my worries just melted away. I ended the session feeling supported, comforted, and surrounded by light.

Roslyn's warm and welcoming presence, and her way of making everyone feel a part of the healing process themselves, brings about a wonderful sense of empowerment

I would recommend this webinar to anyone in need of spiritual guidance. The gifts are within us, and Roslyn is so good at tuning in to see what everyone in the circle might need. The presence she channels move through her to heal and bless those around her.

 - Kira T.

Before the Amplify Your Energy Intelligencewebinar, I felt anxious and generally unfocused about immediate personal goals. Now I am able to glean an aspect of my Personal self and acquired a sense of urgency and importance to create from my Soul. And I’m feeling more energized and confident about reading my own energy.

 – Chris Rose

 Now I can incorporate more love more blessings in my life, not only for me but for everyone I encounter .I am blessed, so I bless others.

I would recommend Roslyn’s work to anyone who wants to learn more about their self. We do not know what we do not know about our self. A little help from an angel is always a good thing. I have been blessed in my life, so just maybe it’s time for you to be blessed in your life by Roslyn also. 

- Rose

I always doubt the power of our energy, mine specifically, and after the class I was reminded once again that it is there. I would recommend the Amplify Your Energy Intelligence webinar because I think it’s something that is attainable by many, and is easy to absorb yet helpful on many levels. 

- Carol Natural Bridge, Va

 Since the Amplify Your Energy Intelligence webinar, I am feeling more balanced and motivated. 

– Jan

You will receive:

  • A link to join the LIVE webinar held Sat., 2/13/21 at 1 pm Eastern, so you can interact and get the most out of this valuable content

  • A chance to receive a Chakra Mini Reading, held during the LIVE webinar, from Intuitive Roslyn Elena McGrath 

  • Access to the Video Replay for lifetime support

  • Clear, accessible info you can benefit from immediately

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