to Flourish Your Purpose

Are you passionate about sharing your

healing, visionary gifts to help create a more uplifting world, but haven't yet created the

impact you desire?

Do you wonder if the pain of broken promises, emotional manipulation, rejection or other

heart-burdens may be limiting the way you share your gifts and the powerful, positive change they could create?

Join Roslyn Elena McGrath to discover

5 signs that your heart-burdens

may be limiting the impact of your gifts....

and 13 possibilities for their transformation

so you can create new levelsof powerful, positive change!

Author, channel, healer, publisher, and visionary artist Roslyn Elena McGrath shares a compassionate, non-judgmental space and decades of experience to help you integrate and act on your soul’s truth so you and your purpose can truly flourish.

When: Sunday, Feb. 12th, 11 am Eastern

Where: Unity Yoga Co-op, 147 W. Washington,

2nd Floor, Marquette, MI

Fee: By Donation

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